Travelogue 2016: Sungai Besar/ Sekinchan

Just recently, my in laws decided to take the whole unRoyal Household for a half day trip to a small town called Sungai Besar, which was located nearby Sekinchan. It was where you’d find awesome seafood restaurants. Unfortunately, the one that we went to wasn’t that great, but I think it’s the company that matters more than the food. Because the kids only fly to Malaysia about once a year, it was a rare occasion to be able to spend a day trip or travel with my in laws, which in my opinion was a pity. It would have been nice for the kids to grow up being close to their paternal grandparents. But life isn’t always perfect, is it?

Anyway, here are some random shots of the day.


We were so lucky to find a village treehouse near Redang! Big Warrior was so ecstatic as she’s been missing her back to nature play so badly since arriving at Malaysia. She jumped on the chance and quickly climbed up the treehouse, swing from the tree like Tarzan (she even had to show her elder cousin brother how to do it because he’s never done it before LOL), and just ran around like a child in tune with nature. It was such a happy sight. 🙂

Aaaaand, if I had to choose a photo of the day, it would be this… 😀


FRREEEEEEEESSSSSSHHHH COCONUTSSSSSS. Darn, I miss fresh coconuts. We don’t get them in Australia. Meh. Think I’m gonna head out to get some now, while I’m still in Malaysia.


Till later,



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