We’ll definitely be back, Boshack Outback!

Nestled among the Australian bushland in the middle of nowhere, I mean Toodjay, is the lovely 300 acre Boshack Outback farmstay.

The farm land itself is filled with picturesque scenes that you usually only get to see in documentaries and movies.


On the way to Boshack, with just rows and rows of meadows and bushland

We arrived pretty late in the afternoon on our first day so we went straight to dinner and then bed. Nothing much to brag about. However, the next day was totally awesome!


It’s not everyday one gets to sleep under a million stars, only to wake up to a million dollar view

As we stayed at the Lakeside Glamper, we were greeted with a stunning morning view of the lake. Don’t worry, they have a system nearby to actually keep the lake’s water level under control. And apparently it used to be a road along of the middle of the lake, but as time went by, water started rising from the ground so much so that it eventually became a lake. Isn’t that interesting?

The Lakeside Glamper was too huge for me to take a picture, but I managed to snap a pic of the tin sheds next to our glamper

We managed to do a mini-tour within the farm since it was such a beautiful sunny day. We got to feed the horses upclose, chase the chickens, geese and guinea fowls around, marron netting, fish netting, eggs collecting, dreamtime walking, boomberang throwing, and water divining. Wow, that was a mouthful. And unfortunately I didn’t get to snap pictures of everything we did, because you know, I was kinda excited myself to try out everything. LOL

The main dining room

Right outside the main dining area

Tree climbing was an awesome experience for the kids

Chicken chasing and eggs collecting!

A walk through the Dreamtime trail… learning about the bushland’s history and having a feel of the Paperbark tree

Getting onto the rustic trailer for the bestest bumpity ride ever!

Our first taste of Marrons and the hubs got to try his hands on catching them!


We also tried canoeing. This silly city mom didn’t know how to steer the canoe and almost got everyone stuck in the middle of the lake. LOL

We also forgot to take a picture of the toilets and shower, which were one of the highlights of the trip. So I’m crediting letmebefreeblog for her photo instead.


Outside toilets and open roof showers. And you’ll need a torchlight to get there during night time

All and all, it was a great trip. We couldn’t take any pictures of the amazing night sky filled with millions of stars. They were so clear and looked so close to earth, it was literally breathtaking.



Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Boshack! We’ll definitely be back!



6 thoughts on “We’ll definitely be back, Boshack Outback!

  1. hi,

    wonderful writeup.
    just wondering is a 2d1n enough?
    am going this June and undecided between a 2nights or 1 night stay.


    1. Hi Lindy,

      I personally would stay for 2 nights just because it’s a long drive from where I am. It would be too tiring to drive there today and having to leave the next morning. 😉

      1. Thank you. Yeah am more for 2 nights too. I really wanna experience the lakeside campfire etc and was thinking for 2 nights, at least if it rained on one night, I still have the other. Lol. Am planning to come after spending the first half of the day at Caversham. I would be heading to Caversham from Perth City. So next day full day at Boshack, stay another night at Boshack. Then the next morning perhaps check out real early to head for Pinnacles, Lobster Shack then Lancelin Sand dunes and Yanchep (if time permits, else might skip) on the way down back to perth but will stayover at Freemantle.

        Would this be ok?

  2. That sounds like a really well thought out plan, not too mention lots of activities too! Lol. I’m guessing if you leave early then it should be doable.

    However, you might want to give them a call beforehand to check on the bonfire thingy. When we were there, they still had the ban for bonfires due to a bush fire that happened not so long ago. Xx

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