My 2 year old won’t be learning her ABCs and 123s yet, and I’m perfectly okay with it


Today is the first day of playgroup at Steiner for Little Warrior. She’s been waiting forever for this day. Having seen Big Warrior go in to class day in and day out, she’s often asked me when it would be her turn to be a big girl and go to school. Well, today is the day. 😊


While other kids are learning their ABCs and 123s, Little Warrior is learning about the world, through interacting with Mother Nature and listening to story time. And that’s perfectly okay. She’s busy learning the necessary human survival skills, that she might not necessarily use per se, but those traits are what will set her apart from the rest of her robotic peers. She gets to plant gardens and pick flowers, and find out how to work with Mother Nature and appreciate her beauty and resources. She gets to walk barefooted, climb trees, and occasionally get a glimpse of wildlife in the school’s backyard as we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by bushland. Like today, we had a beautiful owl visit us at the playgroup garden. It’s not everyday that one gets to see a wild owl upclose and personal. What an amazing experience for us!



She doesn’t know her multiplication times table, nor can she write her own name yet, but that’s perfectly okay. She’s busy playing and learning more relevant things like how society works by interacting freely with her peers. They engage in a world of free play where they dictate how the playing goes, where it happens, and who gets to be involved in it. There’s no social pressure on how she’s suppose to be, what she’s suppose to say, or who’s she suppose to maintain good relationships with. She learns how to socialise and be part of a community without unnecessary social influences. She does chores, and learn how to work as a team with her playmates. She gets to learn how to make decisions pertaining to her life from an early age, instead of being helicoptered and told what to do all the time. She gets to learn that every action comes with a reaction, so the next time she knows what to expect when she does something.



She doesn’t know her written ABCs yet, and she can’t recognise 123s, even though she can communicate as fluently as a 2 year old should. And that’s okay too. She learns how to express herself and be confident with her voice. She sings and says blessings. She learns about empathy and sees the goodness in the world. She will learn to appreciate mothers, fathers, and educators alike, because she will see with her own eyes how everyone respects each other at playgroup despite their age, financial background, and race differences.




Sure, academic education is important. However, I think education about the self and play is equally important. If you don’t know how to be comfortable with your own skin, and be confident with your ability to make decisions, then you won’t go far. So many of our younger generations aren’t equipped enough to go against the tide and think outside the box, and just be different. Our current society is raising a future generation of robots, teens and young adults who follow the herd and do not question what is being taught. Do we really want that for our children? I don’t. I really don’t.


I’m prepared to face the insanity of having to reason with my 2 year old on why we don’t run around naked when outside the house, or teach my 5 year old all the proper names of her body so that she’s aware that nobody is allowed to touch her sacred body parts without her consent. I teach them to say no to hugs or kisses when they’re not up for it, even if it’s us or the grandparents asking. I teach them that it’s okay to say they don’t like certain food, as long as they’ve tried at least once. And I tell them it’s okay to reason with us if they feel the need to voice out their opinions.


There are so many things worthy of learning that aren’t academic. Little Warrior, like her sister Big Warrior, will not be officially educated in the academic sense until she turns 7 according to the Steiner system. I’m totally okay with it, proud even, because I know that like her sister, she will thrive and blossom into a wonderful little human being when the time comes.








Love Your Family Challenge: My little “Nemo”, my shining star

This may come as a surprise to many of you, as we’ve managed to keep it under wraps for the past few months. I guess fate has it that it’s time to share the good news. We were planning for a third baby, but didn’t expect it to happen THAT quickly. Nevertheless, it came as a pleasant surprise.


Even before it’s birth, “Nemo” (a nickname given by Big Warrior) has already became the family’s shining star, guiding us to greater heights in life. This is the year where daddy will be embarking on a new business venture, mommy will be given more parenting responsibilities, and both the girls will be upgrading from one sibling-hood level to another. It will be an exciting journey ahead for all of us. 


As if chasing 2 monkeys around isn’t enough fun, I must have been mad (or drunk, or drugged) to agree to a 3rd one. LOL. I’ve never in my life imagined myself having 3 kids, but it somehow happened, and surprisingly, I wouldn’t change it for anything. 🙂 Even though they drive me up the wall at times, they melt my heart and touch my soul most of the time.  


With the universe (husband), a moon (Big Warrior), a sun (Little Warrior) and a star (“Nemo”) by my side, I think it’s safe to say that my life is officially complete. Hopefully people will stop asking me if I plan to have another one. So I’ll say it again, “Nemo” marks the completion of our little family of 5. Unless of course something unplanned happens…. :p


 What do you think? Are you team Mustache or team Pouty Lips? 🙂


Travelogue 2015: Hong Kong Disneyland

Winter 2015 (Hong Kong)

It’s been awhile since we’ve travelled somewhere new for a holiday. The last time we travelled was back when Big Warrior was merely ten months old, and now she’s four.

So, recently the whole unRoyal household decided to make a trip to Hong Kong, as a belated Birthday present for Big Warrior. Little Warrior didn’t get to go at the last minute because she was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning, so we thought it’d be best for her to stay back with the grandparents while she recovers. Mommy felt soooooo guilty and bad about leaving her, but we really couldn’t just burn all four tickets, so we had to sacrifice poor little Warrior. 😦 😦 Come to think of it, it was probably for the best, as she only managed to recover by the time we return from the trip.

Anyway, here’s how our HK Disneyland trip went.

We left the hotel (we were staying at Novotel Hotel Nathan Rd, which was awesome by the way, and celebrity Alan Tam was shooting a movie right in front of the hotel the last time we were there!) bright and early in the morning around 9am to take the MTR to Disneyland.

How cool is the Disney monorail? Everything screams Disney, even the handles and windows. LOL. The kids were soooo excited! Oh, that’s Big Warrior’s cousin brother by the way (we went with Duke’s parents and nephew).


Aaaaaaaaand, here we are, at the main entrance of HK Disneyland. Since we bought tickets from and because we went on a weekday, we managed to skip the queue and head straight to the entrance. So remember to buy your pre-book your tickets the next time you intend to go! 🙂

So many adorable Minnie headbands! Tempted to buy everything. 😀


Tadaa! The Duke and Duchess photo taken by Big Warrior. Not bad right? 🙂

Our first stop was to the Jungle Cruise, but I didn’t get to take any pictures of it as I was busy entertaining Big Warrior. She was a little scared as the boat was a little rocky, and she literally screamed and broke down crying near the end of the cruise when they had fire coming out of some cave or something. I know hey, my Big Warrior is not so tough after all. LOL. So yeah, I didn’t get to manage to take pictures of her on the cruise, sadly.

But heeeeeerrreeeee… after the cruise and after the Lion King show, Big Warrior was beginning to havethe time of her life, eating junk food, being silly, etc. I don’t think she’s ever had so much junk food in one day EVER. Really need to go back to our routine of eating healthily, well, healthier, when we return home to Perth. Afterall, how do you say no junk food the kid during a holiday when it’s literally everywhere. And especially when you’re on vacation, chances of me getting yummy avocados, and home cooked food, are basically zero. Oh well….

And here we are, waiting for our turn at the Pooh bear ride. We initially took the Fast Pass, but the queue wasn’t very long so we decided to go for it first. It was okay for us, but Big Warrior loved it. I think it was her favourite ride out of all the Disney rides, that she actually went to anyway. By the end of the day, we actually went on the ride three times, or four, can’t remember. LOL

Next was the infamous Disney Parade. The kids did enjoy it, albeit having to sit under the hot sun for the whole duration. I only managed to take these few pictures as I decided to just take a video of the whole parade after the first few attempts of trying to snap the characters. 😀

Few hours later… Big Warrior was getting tired. Luckily she was still tiny enough to hitch a ride on Daddy’s shoulders. LOL. We proceeded to have a very late lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall. There were quite a bit of variety, from japanese, to chinese dim sum, to western… The food tasted okay, but it was definitely not value for money. I guess it is to be expected for a touristy place like Disneyland, right?

The best ride in Disneyland (IMO) would be the It’s a Small World ride. Everything was so pretty and bright, even Big Warrior was excited to see all the colourful figurines and beautiful “architecture”. We would have gone for another ride if it weren’t for the fireworks display that was due to start shortly after our ride. And no, I recorded a video of the fireworks session, so I don’t have pictures. :p

Overall, I’d say everyone enjoyed the trip to Disneyland. The kids got to experience the magical world of Disney, where everything was up to your imagination. The adults got to experience the true meaning of tiredness, from having to walk around carrying a luggage (yes, we bought a small hand luggage to put our jumpers and biccies and wallet) and/ or a child. Nah, I’m kidding. LOL. I think the adults were happy just seeing the smiles and laughter on the children’s faces. That’s all that matters, anyway right? We just want to see our children happy. 🙂


Duchess Travelogue rating:

Yummy Tummy: 5/10

Happiness Level: 9/10

Enchantment Level: 7/10

Ka-Ching: $$$

Overall: 7/10

It was still a magical place for the kids, but I think Big Warrior would have enjoyed it more if she was a little older. Another thing worth mentioning, is that HK Disneyland didn’t have that many interesting rides as compared to Disney in other countries, mainly due to its size. I would probably still come back, when the kids are older.