Unroyal Bella

Family Portrait_ (45)

Having just being a few months shy of turning 35, I went into panic mode. It was out of a sudden, mind you. I’ve never really been the one to waste precious time in front of the mirror, my make up and skincare regime all but takes me a whole 2 minutes. I didn’t even use to wash my face in the morning, it was wake up – brush teeth – splash water – wipe face – done. Add that helpful excuse of having 3 kids under 6, yeah, that routine kinda worked for me, and has worked for me for the past 6 years. It doesn’t help that I actually grew up with skincare, because my father was a skincare doctor with a skincare business in Malaysia, and I actually helped out in the skincare manufacturing department for a few years before making the decision to be a full stay at home mom. So the importance of skincare shouldn’t be something new to me, but I’m guessing the advantage of being young back then hasn’t really made me see the actual importance of it. Now I do. Now I really do.


As of late, I find myself staring at the mirror longer and longer, and noticing how haggard and old-ish I’ve become. Bleh. So I decided to put more effort into my skin and lifestyle, especially after that loooooong pep talk from the husband about how I should learn how to let go and just live, instead of being so uptight about everything in life, but that’s a story for another day.


So like I said, I’ve decided to put more effort into taking care of myself, internally and externally to hopefully age gracefully. I mean I do welcome the notion of aging, but not to the point of just letting myself be a premature old lady at 35! Having said that, I’m not ready to take the plunge and do something drastic in attempt to look artificially young too, but who knows what the future holds? For now, I’m happy to just live a healthier lifestyle, and splurge on things that will help me look good.


Join me on my #unroyalbella journey and I’ll share my experience on the products I’m trying, or clothes I’m wearing, and the food I’m eating. All in the name of aging gracefully. 😉