I’m Suven, welcome to Not a Princess Bébé (NAPB, for short) – a place where I get to keep all my precious memories and thoughts about my life, well mainly my children, in one place (my brain has never been the same after two pregnancies, and now it’s gone even worse with the birth of no.3).

NAPB was born shortly after the birth of my first child. Writing was a way for me to deal with my mild Post Partum Depression, which fortunately didn’t last very long (no, I never contemplated suicide or anything major like that, it was more like days and days of crying over every single thing and being very pessimistic about everything). Things that were bottled up because I was too uncomfortable saying to someone’s face, things that didn’t seem to go my way as a first time parent, or things I couldn’t let go, they were all put into writing. But that was when NAPB was still a blog.

Today, I’m happy to say that I’m a stronger person and a more confident mother. I feel comfortable going against the tide, standing my grounds and doing what’s best for my family. Our household leans toward free-range and attachment parenting. I babywear, breastfeed, and co-sleep. My husband is equally supportive of our decision, so everybody is happy.


My tatt says it all, Family First (3 cherry blossoms for my 3 beautiful daughters). No matter what, my husband and children will always take priority in what I do. Not everything I do would be according to the norm, but I do what’s best for my family. 

The idea behind the NAPB was that I wanted my children to be able to experience life without being stereotyped according to their gender. Much like the character Merida in Disney’s Brave. I want my girls to play with toy cars, climb trees, jump on muddy puddles, yet at the same time wear tutu skirts if they so choose to. I want my boys (if I ever have any in the future) to be comfortable enough to play with dolls, be nurturing, be a gentleman, yet at the same time be active and boisterous as they choose to be when they play.

I wanted to write down all my thoughts so that my children had a “life book” they could refer to when they needed it. I wanted to share my experience with my fellow parents, who perhaps resonate with what I write at times. And I wanted to share things and ideas that I’ve found. So I guess a website seem like a good place to do everything that I wanted to do. So thanks to a group of supportive readers and friends, I’ve finally decided to turn NAPB into a website. It felt like the right time to claim ownership of its name and identity since its birth five years ago as a blog.

This website will start afresh, which means it will start from ground zero. I will be slowly transferring bits and pieces from my previous blog onto this website.


Before I pen off, I’d like to say a huge thank you for dropping by and taking time to read my blog/ website. I know there are a great many good blogs out there, so it means the world to me that you are here reading my posts. Do get in touch with me as I would love to hear from you, be it feedbacks, enquiries, comments, or even criticism.


Much love,